Abisha- Home To You

London singer Abisha has released her latest Garage infused single 'Home To You'.

Speaking on the track, Abisha says: 'To me, 'Home To You' can be interpreted in so many different ways because everyone has their own personal person, thing or place that feels like home. For me, feeling at home is where I feel safe and comfortable, and can relax at the end of the day and let out all of my emotions, and 'Home To You' is about that home being my girlfriend. We wrote it in the Summer when covid restrictions were still in place and we were being optimistic and hopeful about all of the things we could do when we were finally free! I had been doing some reflection and started to step into my own authentic power which has massively helped my confidence, which I think is reflected in 'Home To You' and throughout the whole upcoming EP! It's my favourite on the EP because it's upbeat and so happy but also still quite deep and emotional.'

Be sure to stream Abisha's latest single which is avail be now on all platforms and check out the video down below!

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