Afrodahlia - 3 Weeks

Afrodahlia’s debut single ‘3 weeks’ is the response to our generations impersonal attitude towards dating, in an age where social media and dating apps have taken over our lives it’s harder than ever to forge meaningful lasting connection and easier to leave when one’s attraction goes cold.

We have all experienced or least know someone who has gone through being ghosted by their love interest rather than ending it officially. The lack of clear commitment and finality often leads to the heartbreak hurting much worse and is this situation that is explored in ‘3 weeks’.

The South London based artist after spending the last three years experimenting and finding her sound has combined honest and vulnerable lyrism as she reflects on her relationship in the aftermath. Afrodahlia’s honey sweet vocals weave us a tale as she retraces her steps as well as her ex-mans, questioning if he really loved her.

The song was written by Afrodahlia herself and is influenced by the work of Nile Rodgers in the 70s and 80s. You can clearly hear the influence of disco, soul, RnB and Pop music with it’s upbeat and catchy beat produced by SunsetDrver who has worked with Shae Universe in the past.

Afrodahlia is currently planning some live performances later during the year. The shows will include the performance of ‘3 weeks’, as well as other unreleased tracks.

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