Ameythst - Get Comfortable (EP)

Amethyst is back with her latest edition called 'Get Comfortable' this Single is taken from her up coming EP "Get Comfortable ". The track is full of soul and vibes, amethyst has clearly shown her sultry soft edge in this new single and we cannot wait to hear more from her.

​Speaking on the track Amethyst says, “this track is probably my favourite off the EP, because it’s such a different sound to the rest of the tracks. The track is about a couple that are falling out of love with one another and are basically sitting down to have a discussion as they breakup. However as the conversation continues they both realise they are wanting the same things but haven’t been communicating that to each other and start to connect with one another again. I love the sexy guitar ad libs throughout the track and how the song builds in passion through the instrumentation to match what’s happening in the lyrics.”

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