Amun- No Ceilings (EP)

London Singer Amun is keeping the UK R&B scene alive with her latest EP 'No Ceilings'.

Amun, the British-Somali songwriter has blended various styles to create something Amun could truly call her own.

The 6 track Ep includes song like 'Mesmerised', 'Water' and our favourite that has been on repeat '1 Call'

Amun explains...

“I want this new tape to be for the ladies to relate to. If you look at these concerts, the whole crowd are women, and they’re being insulted by the music that they’re being playing. But that’s all they have to listen to. So imagine there’s someone who comes just as hard, levels up, but is on your side – isn’t cussing you or bringing you down. That’s my mission.”

Be sure to check out Amun's latest Ep 'No Celings' which available now on all platforms!

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