Bel Cobain - Leader/Safe House

East London’s very own Bel Cobain expresses herself best through her music an experimentation of Jazz, R&B and her latin roots. Returning with a double rendering, she breathes new life in the intimate and sensitive ‘Leader’.

we sink into Bel’s sweet airy notes each deliberately weighed with emotion as if we are in a warm embrace. Charismatically the east London songstress flexes her talent as a storyteller with poetic lyrism that holds us captivated.

‘Leader’ was birthed at a home studio where Bel wrote it in under an hour accompanied by her band who lived recorded it. We hear an arrangement of sounds woven around each other with familiarity adding texture to the track. It’s loud, bright and contagious urging you to dance to the seductive Latin and Afrobeat influenced beat made up of drums, bass, percussion, keys, sax and trumpet.

It’s really a song not just about the satisfaction and power found in sexually liberating yourself but also the freedom. Bel does it on her own terms rather than against her own free will and there’s something beautiful found in being present in the moment, in action being aware of it’s own morality.

On the B side, Bel delivers the haunting, ballad ‘Unsafe House’ also produced by Santiago Morales. You can hear the triphop elements, trumpet and a steady bassline that creates the space for Bel to explore her generational trauma voicing her most vulnerable thoughts and questions allowing us to connect on an even deeper level even though she doesn’t get the answers she needs.

Known to regularly perform at the Jazz Cafe and the Roundhouse, Bel Cobain is scheduled to perform at Love Supreme with her band later this year.

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