BlazeYL - BAZ or YL

Let me confess now, everything you’re going to read is going to be bias due to me being a massive YL fan. Ever since I first heard him on Frenzy’s 48th Floor (yes yes guys I was late to the rave), I’ve been hooked on his skippy and addictive flow. So when I heard BlazeYL was releasing a EP, of course I got gassed and the ‘Youngest Older’ did not disappoint. Neo Music readers.. I present ‘YL or BAZ’.

Following earlier 2022 come back singles ‘Bedroom Bully’ and ‘Mysterious’, BlazeYL continues his reign collaborating with House of Pharaohs team mate Sam Wise on ‘Hakka’ and producers including Jamo Beatz, SKT, D Sharp and Charmer.

YL or BAZ showcases different sounds from BlazeYL as he spits fire with his distinctive jitty flows that’s so contagious it contaminates your thoughts with litness for the duration of your day. Tracks such as like Money Tree, Youngest Older (my personal favourite on the tape) and Average One really allows you to understand why he already has such a following and if this EP proves anything, it will be that he is capable to stand on his own 2 feet as a solo act who has just as much star power as the notorious House of Pharaohs. Big statement I know but he has proved it over and over again and it is about time we salute and recongise.

So take in the EP and allow him to take you on a journey that will weave you through several pockets within hip-hop.

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