Bowen Thi- Ain’t My Fault

The growing Asian American artist, Bowen Thi, joins forces with producer Hieloways to produce a sonically dark and rapid track that pays homage to 80s synth-wave music while steering into his own lane.

The single arrives after the highly successful year Bowen received through singles such as

“Company,” “Jewels on Fireflies,” and “Say My Name,” eventually dropping his anticipated EP titled “godspeed.”

“Ain’t My Fault” is a song that focuses on mental deterioration following a heartbreak. Yearning

for a time when everything was bliss, the song chooses to express the emotion that comes with

toxicity. It is assumed in the track that both partners’ roles quickly led to their spirals, leading us to the chorus:

“Ain’t my fault I’m fucked up now / They say I’m crazy, what’s that about? / I’ma shut my mouth and close my eyes / Scream that shit, can you tell me why-“

The video, directed by artist Mars Alva, shows a lone wanderer in Houston looking for an

unknown woman. Throughout the video, it is hinted and revealed that the man suffers from a

psychotic disorder. Mars Alva carefully crafts a psychedelic experience that beautifully complements the song by using fast cuts and hazy colouring.

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