Chelsi Lauren - Boy (EP)

I became a fan of Chelsi Lauren in 2019 with the release of her ‘Boy’ EP and she has gone upwards in harnessing her own unique sound. She shows us that she’s still around after a small break with the release of ‘Please Don’t’ with her long time collaborator and UK Legend Carns Hill *SRB Seperation Confirmed*

In this day and age of unfiltered R&B in the UK, Chelsi Lauren is not one to shy from using her songwriting skills in shedding light on everyday problems in this dating scene. In ‘Please Dont’ she asks her muse who she is romantically involved in and clearly fallen for, not play with her emotions.

Chelsi Lauren, a UK based singer-songwriter, has had extensive experience of working within the music industry. Having worked alongside major acts, she has developed great skills and qualities needed to excel in the ever changing music scene.

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