Eva Lazarus - Royalty

Eva Lazarus slows down and pauses to enjoy the sights with enthralling new single ‘Royalty’, a follow up from her previous single ‘How Am I Feeling’ as Eva’s intoxicating vocals rests against a groovy production made up of a bass, guitar, drums and electric keyboard to effortlessly create an R&B soundscape that beams life.

She displays her incredible vocal range throughout the song unlocking her hidden depth and also the power in the message.

Self-care, self-love and affirmation are the running themes and overall message of the song. Eva is in a place now where she can let go off of the stress and promote soft life living putting her health above everything else.

The Birmingham born/ Bristol made singer is surrounded by confident and elegant women in her classy music video, directed by Mara Lee. We see Eva relaxing just enjoying the finer things in life but also finding peace after coming to the realisation that life is short.

Speaking on the time she wrote the track, Eva shares, “When I wrote Royalty, it was at a time when I was touring like crazy in beautiful hot places, but always for work so I’d barely get to enjoy the country I was in. I was always burnt out and I think my subconscious was begging me to slow down, take a holiday and look after myself, socialise with my people.”

Challenging a new found energy on ‘Royal’ and experimenting with a new style we cannot wait to hear what else Eva Lazarus has in store for us this year.

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