Joel Baker - Baby Teeth

Joel Baker’s growth as a musician and as a person is evident in his newest track ‘Baby Teeth’ featuring James Vickery and Jordy. ‘Baby Teeth’ is about finding hope and maintaining faith during difficult moments in your life however Joel also acknowledges that with grow comes discomfort and pain hence the metaphor suggesting that the bad times don’t last.

The track blurs the lines of acoustic, soul and hip-hop to create a soundscape that perfectly showcases Joel’s emotive storytelling abilities and pensive wordplay, allowing him to flow over the beat smoothly. Whilst James Vickery’s sweet and airy vocals croons beautiful melodies. Jordy brings a coolness to the track with his reflective bars.

Speaking of the inspiration for ‘Baby Teeth’, Joel explains - “I was writing a lot of poetry at the time, on the themes of life as you know it, being crushed, but there is better to come. In the middle of the crushing, I found solace in discovering this universal pattern in nature, of death and being reborn into something even more glorious. As soon as I wrote "the light it always finds a way" I had to sit at the kitchen table and let it all come out in one sitting. Sometimes words write for you, rather than the other way around. This is one of those instances.”

James Vickery adds: “Joel is an immense talent, I was honoured when he asked me to put a hook on this beautiful song. I've never worked with someone who has such a clever way with words and his penmanship is truly inspiring for an up and coming artist like myself.”

Joel has been around making music since 2013 and has released a number of EP’s including ‘Bag of Dreams’ and ‘Prayer Emoji’. Nottingham-born singer-songwriter also in the past has worked with Maths Time Joy and rapper Abra Cadabra.

As he looks ahead to a fresh run of releases in anticipation of his upcoming debut album, ‘Baby Teeth’ brings together three incredible talents and signals brighter days are coming.

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