Jordy - Enemies

'Jordy not Jordan' said he was coming for us in 2022, and he is keeping his promise after just gifting us Medellin, he shoots us his second single of the year "Enemies" and the first release from his highly anticipated 6 track EP ‘KMT’ that is dropping this month.

Jordy goes into a reflective state on the single produced by long time producers and friends Jojo Mukeza and Daniel Miles. Over the R&B inspired beat - soothing acoustic guitar strums and mediative piano melody - Jordy touches on a very human subject loyalty and disloyalty that he faces in the music scene and life. Over 4min he really gets in his bag showcasing his flow and his ability as a wordsmith virtuoso. The single comes with mellow visuals directed by Jojo Mukeza, in it you see Jordy in the studio, vibzing like its any other week, surrounded by his close friends.

Commenting on the track, Jordy states "“Enemies is what it says on the tin, it's a common theme throughout the upcoming project - the modern-day warfare of fake friends. The track is an insight into my outlook of having authentic people in my corner, it also captures the thoughts and challenges of new people trying to enter my space and circle.”

2021 was a great year for him, he dropped his critically acclaimed ‘SMH’ project, shut down his headline show at Werkhaus which got him on a lot of radars including Complex, Wonderland, Hypebeast and Viper Mag as one of their ones to watch 2022. If we hear more tracks like Enemies on the upcoming EP, it will extremely difficult to exclude his name when listing the best rappers the UK has to offer.

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