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Lizzie Berchie - Pass Time ft Kofi Stone

The Soulful newcomer Lizzie Berchie has released her first single 'Pass Time' featuring the sensational Kofi Stone. The single oozes greatness and we cannot wait to see what else Lizse Berchie has in store for us. Speaking on the track, Lizzie Berchie says:

“I wrote ‘Pass Time’ in 2019 in my uni room - a whole year before taking it to Danny to work on. Glen Leach re-recorded the keys and Lennyn Sampedro on bass. Everyone around me was in relationships (I almost got into one myself) but I couldn’t help thinking “we’re 21, surely we should be doing more exciting things with our lives like traveling or taking up random hobbies like roller-skating before taking the responsibility of a relationship?” So, I wrote this song about not wanting to be pocketed into one - despite them being nice in the moment.”

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