Mahalia- Letter To Ur Ex

Mahalia is back with her brand new sleek track ‘Letter To Ur Ex’. We are absolutely all over this track and we are here for the message also. Mahalia has been on job in ht least few years and we are thoroughly enjoying every single thing she puts out.

​Speaking on her latest release Mahalia says:

“I wrote ‘Letter to ur ex’ the morning after me and my guy had had a really bad argument due to a text that had been sent by his ex partner the night before, I think when everybody begins a new relationship, it’s vital that it feels like a fresh start. Like everything before doesn’t really matter and the next journey begins now with only the two of you. I realised through this experience that isn’t always the case. But, really, I just wanted to tell her how her actions were making me feel. How her gain in closure was my loss in love. And though I am also a woman who has felt all of those feelings before, I wanted to ask her to let him go so that I could hold him close. To close their old door so that I could open our new one.”

Check out the incredible video below and be sure to stream Mahalia's new single which is now available on all platforms!

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