Mina Lioness- Make Dua (ft. Jam)

Mina Lioness, the North London singer/songwriter Mina, who is known for her empathetic and clever lyrics as well

as soulful melodies has recently released her first single, which is entitled ‘Make Dua’ featuring Jam. Mins Lioness, who is a GRAMMY accredited singer is clearly a master of wordplay and this song is a clear example of this. We absolutely love 'Make Dua' and we have had it on repeat. About Mina Lioness' song ‘Make Dua’ Mina Lioness said:

“I wrote the song Make Dua, for people who are scared. For the people who are so fearful they become idle and unable to move. For when life becomes so much that waking up from your bed makes you dizzy. This was me during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic and I didn't think I would overcome. Through all the online cries for help. A lady reached out to me and offered to make Du'a for me for the first time. Her approach felt like a spiritual hug. I'd never heard of this religious tradition before nor knew what it was, but somehow she knew it was needed”

Be sure to stream Mina Lioness’ latest single it is available now on all platforms!

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