Morgan Munroe - Elvira (EP)

Leicester-born, London-based singer/songwriter Morgan Munroe has released her 9-track EP titled, “Elvira”. Morgan Munroe has been setting the tone with her array of standout singles including; “Mutual”, “Space” and most recently “End Game”. Inspired by the leading lady in Scarface, “Elvira” embodies Morgan’s ability to blur the lines between fantasy and real-life, masculinity and femininity all whilst breaking down stereotypes in the process. Thematically inspiring narratives of love, heartbreak, relationships, submission and control are spread throughout and are accompanied by stunning visuals and artwork which nod to the 70s era of high glamour and style.

Speaking on her project Morgan Munroe says: “Elvira is the odyssey of a toxic love story played out from start to finish. There’s pockets of narration, self-reflection, a couple movie references, a blend of feminine and masculine energy, empowerment, roll reversal and probably every emotion you could think of! 9 more songs about love and heartbreak to put into the world however these ones are from a completely different angle.”

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