Raheaven - Throat Game Stupid

Raheaven explores romantic encounters and situations in her latest project ‘Throat Game Stupid’. The EP can be considered a daringly experimental but teasing love letter to R&B and the other genre’s that influenced the singer/songwriter’s sound.

The five-part project features previous singles that were released in the run up to the EP ‘Touch it’ ft Manchester born crowner July7 and ‘Better’. The later, has a simple but effective guitar based production that loops throughout laying the ground work for the singer as she warns her love interest that she needs to be loved better in a song that is a perfect display of contemporary R&B

In ‘Touch it’ you can feel addictive the Afrobeat and Afroswing influenced beat on the track that is paired well with Raheaven’s sensuous vocals that are seductive and unrushed. July 7 comes in silky smooth with his verse before adding to the texture of the track with harmonies.

Speaking on the project, Raheaven says: “It’s called ’Throat Game Stupid !’ because I’m basically coming for everyone and saying ‘my voice can do everything, it’s amazing, a great instrument and the best. The vision and sonics for this EP just came to me as we were all coming out of the slumber of the pandemic, I had this sudden sense of urgency to create and such a burst of imagination and vision full of bright sounds and bright colours, this EP is my attempt at piecing together and capturing this experience for others

This project has my personal stories and opinions on love and relationships which I captured in the moment of these feelings (rather than writing about them in retrospect), but I feel as though I'm being more expressive, witty, and at times more fun and flirty. There's more range to my lyrics and lines, more range in the production, I was less concerned about writing a ‘good song’ and just trying to say it how it is in my own way.

I feel as though I took more risks with this project but I really don't give af, for me it's a baddie essential going into summer 2022. The girls that get it get it! and the girls who don't, DON'T!”

You can’t miss the sound of 80s pop in ‘Pink Panamera’ or miss the clever lyricism in the song such as “like Micheal Jack got you standing in the mirror” a play on words for pop king Micheal Jackson’s classic ‘Man in the Mirror’, a song about changing yourself for the better.

‘Fools gold interlude’ dives into the certaincy of love and opens up to reflection as relives the failed relationship in a quest to find out when and how it went wrong. Raveaven demonstrates her impressive range in not just vocals but artistry. Reminiscent of Jazmin Sullivan’s Houxton Tales as she brazenly also speaks about her sexual desires and vulnerability

Raheaven's artful songwriting and incredible musical stylings has been on display in this project, fusing melodic vocals and synths with soulful intent we have witnessed her growth and urge her to continue to do so taking risks.


1. TALK BACK 2. PINK PANAMERA 3. BETTER 4. fools gold interlude 5. Touch It ft. July 7

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