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Shae Universe - Give Me A Break

The Shaé Universe has returned with her new single 'Give Me A Break' featuring the US-Nigerian singer Ayotemi and produced by The Prodigal Sons. Speaking on the single, Shaé said -

"The day I wrote 'Give Me A Break' I was out in LA and I was having such a stressful morning. I came into the studio blacked out from head to toe, hooded up & super anti because I was in a bad mood. I almost didn't go actually but I pushed through and now, upon reflection, I'm super glad I did. Then Ayotemi pulled up for the last hour of the session and just took the song to a whole other level with his verse. Whether you're working out your frustrations in the gym or just struggling to start your day on a positive note, this song is the ONE. It's okay to give yourself a break and let it all out."

Make sure you check out the new Shae Universe, you know she is one artist that will never disappoint!

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