Svetlana - Pray By The Altar

Svetlana gifts us with her first release of the year and what she marks as the beginning of a powerful artistic journey. “Pray By The Altar'' comes at a time where importance of looking after our mental health is spoken on every medium; we are told to look after our peers and feel obligated to do so to the ones we love, however Svetlana questions who will look after those who give and care for others?

As soon as I pressed play on this single, I was instantly arrested by the strums of Guitarist Joe Price, it was as if it was getting me ready for a therapy session, akin to what I feel like when listening to India Irie on a cold London night. Then almost on cue Ben Mckone (Producer and Drummer) adds some war drums to really highlight the seriousness of the story Svetlana is about to gift us. “Pray By The Altar” is an ode to the friend who knows how to be strong for others but seldom themselves, finding that the times when they really need someone, no one seems to be there for them.

Svetlana wrote the song about a friend and lover who knew to call her for advice but never seemed to call her to simply check if she was okay. “I’m just as sad as you, don't you know?".. something we can all relate too.

With a mixture of soul, jazz and funk Svetlana is able to transport the listener into an intimate haven with her guitar and candid lyrics of love, life and modern society. We have seen Svetlana grace venues such as .... and captivated rooms with her commanding soulful vocals. Make sure to grab some tickets to her upcoming shows to experience them in person. If this song gave me anything, it would be kind to myself as much as I am kind to my peers, hashtag SELFLOVE.. hashtag SELFCARE.

Speaking on the single. Svetlana tells Neo Music “I want listeners to remember that the one that saves others also needs to be saved, the friend that listens also needs to be listened to. In a way it’s an ode to the strong friends who grow tired at times of being strong.”

We are excited to see what more Svetlana has in store for us on this new journey she has just embark. You can bet your last pennie that we will be watching and listening closely.

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