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Teyjon - Northside

Newcomer TeyJon has hit us hard with his single 'Northside' Which we simply cannot get enough of! The singer/songwirter Hailing from North London, wants us all to know that the future of UK R&B is in good hands. TeyJon delivers vulnerability and truth aided by a smooth vocal and addictive beat on his single 'Northside' all whilst keeping his music true to himself, his situations and his experiences, is vital.

Speaking on the single 'Northside' TeyJon says: "I use music as a release; singing and writing are my therapy. I love what I do, I just hope and pray others can relate somewhere in the madness"

Check out TeyJon's single "Northside" his high energy and in your face ode to his hometown, is surely one not to be missed by any real music lover!

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