Zoe Wess- Lonely

Zoe Wees’ latest pop perfection recently released her single “Lonely” where she continues to speak up about the weaker moments in her mental health. The song follows on from her debut EP “Golden Wings” that’s garnered over 1.2 billion streams globally. Wees is about to start her European tour in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria and will headline in the UK at London’s Lafayette on November 21st.

Speaking about the song, Zoe explained "Releasing music has created so many new, great friendships and given me so many opportunities, however, I've often found myself in a lonely place even in a crowded room. And many of my friends felt the same way. I realized that you could have great people around you but still feel lonely. I also realized that your own feelings are more important than anything physical and that I want to be loved for being me and not for anything else. I'm growing day-by-day, and feel hopeful even though sometimes it makes me sad. I hope this song helps anyone notice they're not alone in thinking the same. I started writing the song around Christmas, which was a tough time for me and can be a lonely time for so many. At first, I didn’t like the song at all and I stopped the session and went home. But a few weeks later, I couldn’t get it out of my head and started working on it again. It took me a while to be comfortable with it but now I love the song and its honesty.”

Zoe is currently preparing for her first-ever tour. She’ll play London on November 21st in Lafayette and then in Manchester the day after at the Club Academy. She also just announced her first festivals of the year that will take place in the Summer. Be sure to check out the insanely talented Zoe Wess and her single 'Lonely'. Available now on all platforms!

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