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Jaydonclover the Nospaces queen!

Jaydonclover is a singer/songwriter from Birmingham, who is setting herself apart from the rest of the scene with her infectiously smooth vocals and raw, vulnerable lyrics that is the ultimate care package for life. Her first single was released in 2019 ‘Goodthing’ is such of a soft wavy vibe that has a nostalgic but new feel to it. Her tone remains soft and sweet but with a raw message.

Jaydonclover has released many other singles including, ‘I Wish You’, ‘HER > me’ and our favourite right now ‘Piecesofme’ (which features our last Ones To Watch artist RADA, we are definitely putting you guys on).

Piecesofme’ the perfect song to create all types of moods from sitting in the bath with a glass of wine, to sitting in the park with friends with a glass of wine or sitting with your partner with a glass of wine. Basically Jaydonclover is a mood setter and is about to do sensational things for Birmingham and the UK. Watch out for this queen as we defiantly have her on our radar and remember where you heard this first!