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Mecca Erica

This single definitely has us in our feels when we hear it

Born in the Philippines and raised in South London, Mecca Erica has come onto the scene with her undoubtable R&B vibes with her soft and sweet vocals, if you haven't already heard of her, you definitely need to get into it!

Back in February she released her debut EP ‘Transitions’ where she gives us 8 beautiful songs that flow seamlessly with each other. Some of our favourites on the EP have to be ‘Hit List’ or ‘Weakness’ giving us the new UK R&B sound that we’ve been missing AND waiting for!!

Prior to releasing her EP, Mecca released a single titled ‘Smooth Connection’ where she sings about experiencing a special ‘smooth connection' with a special someone, although these feelings feel different to her one thing she does know for certain is that she likes it! This single definitely has us in our feels when we hear it… but in our good feels, you know, like that moment when you finally find that person, it feels so good and the connection is smooth like butter? Yeah.. those feels.

Not only does Mecca sing but she can also play the guitar, shown on her instagram [@mecca.erica] where she shows us numerous acoustic covers while playing the guitar and displaying just how talented she is. She is definitely one of our ones to watch as we predict her taking the UK R&B scene by a storm. Remember you heard it here!

Stream ‘Transitions’ on all music streaming sites, don't play yourself!