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Alana Soul

"Romantic, Free and Real"

Bursting onto the scene and making her presence known throughout 2019 with the likes of relatable singles “Selfish” and “Wishing For”, to gaining early support from blog platforms and radio alike (BBC 1Xtra), Alana’s potential and passion for her art continues to shine, making her a strong contender for one to watch for the foreseeable.

Known for her sweet R&B joints and her ability to remain truthful and appeal to the sensitive nature of listeners on the track, rising artist Alana Soul sat down with us at Neo Music to chat about what she would do in a zombie apocalypse.

NEO: How would you describe your music journey?

ALANA SOUL:I would say it has been fun. I have definitely grown a lot in terms of my vocals and writing skills. I started my music journey quite young. I was 16 when I started, which gave me time to develop and be in the studio environment and understand it more. Overall I would say my journey has been about me developing my sound and becoming the artist I want to be. It has been really fun and i have learnt so much about myself.

NEO: Who are your top 3 present artists and why?

ALANA SOUL: My top three artists at the moment (not of all time, i'm going to give you more current ones i am listening to right now) have to be Summer Walker, Daniel Caesar and Chronixx. For me it's all about lyrics. I feel these artists take melodies and create great stories

NEO: Explain your last single using three words

ALANA SOUL: Romantic, Free and Real

NEO: Should we be expecting new music anytime soon?

ALANA SOUL: Yes! I have an EP coming and I also have a really cool R&B/Drill collaboration coming out soon with two incredible UK artists.

NEO: What song would you use as the theme song for your life currently?

ALANA SOUL: Black and White by Nasty C and Ari Lennox is on the song too. I'm in a really happy romantic place in my life at the moment and this song really reflects that.

NEO: If there was a zombie apocalypse tomorrow, what is the first thing you would do?

ALANA SOUL: I'm not going to lie, I'm running. You always see people trying to fight till the end but its like what even comes after it you don’t know so what's the point of staying alive you might as well join the party and die like everyone else

NEO: What food do you dislike the most and why?

ALANA SOUL: This is a good question because i have a serious list of foods i don’t like. Firstly Rice pudding, i don’t like the texture, it's just weird to me. Secondly i don't really like curry. Like creamy curries. Cream and chicken should not be a thing. I recently tried it and i was disappointed however i do like flatbread

NEO: Give us 3 things on your bucket list?

ALANA SOUL: SkyDiving. I also want to try street food in China and i really want to tour.

NEO: What do you hope to achieve by 50?

ALANA SOUL: I would like to have left a mark in my career, won awards for my work and write a few hits for some artists. I love writing and I would be honoured to be a part of their journey and process and also do a marathon run for a charity and have a family.

NEO: If you had a super power what would it be and why?

ALANA SOUL: I would want to be Iron man or Thor there's powers are the best. I love Marvel. I've watched all the movies but i need to start getting into the series there is loads