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"I have mini concerts in my room at early hours of the morning with my headphones on listening to every song that I can think of"

Born of Jamaican and St.Vincentian heritage, Cyan hails from Croydon, South London where she spent most of her early life. Her musical style can be described as "R&B with Reggae and Soul influences", and her musical inspirations range from Barrington Levy and Jah Cure, to Jazmine Sullivan, Etana, India Arie and Monica. Having been notably supported on BBC Radio London with her preceding track 'Tell Me', Cyan has plans to further penetrate the UK R&B scene with her unique and compelling pen, tantalising melodies and effortless artistry.

NEO: How long have you been making music? CYAN: I’ve been making music since February 2021.

NEO: Who inspires you musically? CYAN: Musically, I'm inspired by many artists but my main three right now are Jah Cure, Jazmine Sullivan and Miraa May. I love artists that allow themselves to be vulnerable, not just in their lyrics but how they sing and make music. Artists like I've mentioned, are a great example of that. Once I started making music I gained a new found respect for artists! Hearing my favourite artist's intentions of layers, harmonies, ad libs, how they perform to a crowd etc is really helping me develop myself.

NEO: What’s life like for you outside of music? CYAN: I’ve literally just quit my part time retail job! So now outside of music I just do anything that fuels me creatively whether that be modelling, scriptwriting, helping out on film sets. If i’m not doing that i’m probably at a restaurant with a friend or at some sort of networking event. Quitting has granted me the freedom for music to become my world and I'm so excited to really kickstart my career.

NEO: Do you have any up and coming projects you are working on? CYAN: Yes I do, I’m always recording at the studio. I try not to put pressure on making songs for a project because it pauses me creatively but I do have more than enough songs for an EP. It also all depends on if I receive funding for my music, so let's pray I get that!

NEO: Who are your top 3 present artists and why? CYAN: My first is Jazmine Sullivan because I grew up listening to her. I know every word to her songs on her fearless album from 2008, my mum would always play it in her car and I'm forever grateful for that. Second is Summer Walker because again going back to the idea of vulnerability, Summer really embodies that in her music and she also is unapologetically herself. Third is Miraa May. There's an element of rawness with Miraa. I love how she embraces her Algerian culture. My appreciation for her started when I watched her Youtube series of her recording sessions.

NEO: What is your guilty pleasure? CYAN: 'I have mini concerts in my room at early hours of the morning with my headphones on listening to every song that I can think of. I truly thought I was original with this but I’ve come to find out that many people do this too! It really helps de-stress me and it’s also my way of manifesting doing big sold out shows in the future.

NEO: What is the biggest misconception people have about you? CYAN: A misconception is that people think I'm older than I actually am and not because I actually look older, it’s how I come across. It might be because I'm an only child and have loads of

older cousins so I've never really had the chance to fully act like a child when I was one. Not in a bad way though, I think it's a great thing and I wouldn't have it any other way!

NEO: What are your biggest pet peeves? CYAN: People who walk without purpose and loud chewing. I really dislike it when people walk in busy places like they have nowhere to be and are not mindful of those who do. Loud chewing makes me physically uncomfortable, the sound makes my whole body cringe.

NEO: What is your creative process like? CYAN: Honestly it differs every time! Sometimes I'll think of melody then add words, or I'll freestyle to a beat, or just think of lyrics, or be inspired by a poem. It could literally be anything!

NEO: If you had a super power what would it be and why? CYAN: Teleporting! Getting to places quickly would be amazing. I wouldn't have to worry about ‘going on holiday’ because everyday could be one. Knowing me, I'd probably make a business out of it and start up a teleport food delivery service or something!

NEO: Let us know where to find you on social media CYAN: Insatgram - Cyanofficially

Twitter - Cyanoffciailly1

Tik Tok - Cyanoffciailly