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Denmarc Creary

'There is not much life outside of music nowadays'

Born in Jamaica, and raised in Leeds, Denmarc Creary is already on the path to building something really special. Having started writing music during his high school years, his sound has developed into a blend of R&B, rap and dancehall. On stage, he has already supported the likes of Denzel Curry, Little Simz and Stormzy, to name a few. His stand-out performance though, came when he performed at BBC 1Xtra Live in Leeds. With a prolific work ethic - dropping four EPs since 2017 - Denmarc Creary has become a favourite of BBC Introducing, with multiple singles named their track of the week. His new single ‘Say So’ was released recently - continuing his run of infectious bangers. We sat down with Denmarc to find out what his favourite series of all time is

NEO: What's life like for you outside of music?

DENMARC CREARY: Outside of music if i am honest, there is not much life outside of music nowadays. Because i have not reached a certain stage in my career i am just trying to create as much content as possible like shooting videos, making music and all the design stuff takes up most of my time to be honest.

NEO: Do you have any up-and-coming projects you are working on?

DENMARC CREARY: I had plans for an EP earlier this year but depending on the music leading up to it and how the world pans out will determine everything. There will definitely be more singles and music videos though for the whole year.

NEO: How would you describe your last single 'Risk it All' using three words

DENMARC CREARY: Honest, Painful and Therapy

NEO: If you could pick any three artists to collaborate with who would it be?

DENMARC CREARY: Ok i'll do a local, national and then international. Locally, I will say Mya Craig. Even though we are in the same city we haven’t had the opportunity to work together yet. Nationally, i would probably say Chip and Internationally has to be Drake

NEO: What is your biggest motivation?

DENMARC CREARY: Life. It gives you everything you need and has definitely been a inspiration to me

NEO: What is your favourite series of all time?​

DENMARC CREARY: Breaking Bad definitely, though My WIfe and Kids and The WIre is definitely up there

NEO: What are your biggest pet peeves?

DENMARC CREARY: Rudeness. It doesn't even have to be towards me even if i see it happening unnecessarily it annoys me. It is definitely a big pet peeve of mine.

NEO: What is your creative process like?

DENMARC CREARY: It's kind of unpredictable. It can stem from anything, i would say the majority of the time my actual process to make music i would normally sit down and listen to the instrumentation and draw inspiration from the beat. I would listen to the instrumental a few times and put what I need to put into the software. The same goes for any melodies and words or lines that come to mind. With the melodies i then replace the melodies with words

NEO: What other music genre would you like to explore?

DENMARC CREARY: To be fair I have explored a lot of genres. I have done a lot of Dancehall stuff, i come from Jamaica, but i have not done any Reggae infused music. I mean that for me would be quite tricky. I would have to do it with a producer from Jamaica because that genre of music is easy to get wrong if not done properly.

NEO: Let us know where to find you on social media

DENMARC CREARY: @Denamrccreary