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Dionne Broomfield

'Return of the Mack, because I am back!'

NEO: ​ If you could be any animal in the animal kingdom, what would you be and why?

DIONNE BROMFIELD: I quite like Elephants. I feel like elephants are just animals who just do them. They never get caught up in animal beef they just do want they want with who they love and keep it pushing.

NEO: ​What song would you use as the theme song for your life currently?

DIONNE BROMFIELD: ‘Return of the Mack’ Mark Morrison because I am back, with music and I am not going anywhere

NEO: ​What would you like to achieve before your next birthday?

DIONNE BROMFIELD: I would like to have an Ep out, which looks promising. Also an album under my belt.

NEO: ​For your listeners and followers who are looking for some advice about life, what key advice would you give them?

DIONNE BROMFIELD: We as humans really like to get consumed by certain things that seem like they are massive when in reality they are nothing. Its taught me and others I know you only really need a small amount of people around you and just enjoy life. It is too short!

NEO: ​ Let us know where to find you on social media

DIONNE BROMFIELD: @dionneofficial