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"To have some sort of cameo on The Dumping Ground or a reboot of Tracy Beaker "

Having played her debut headline show at The O2 Academy Islington last March, Eve-Yasmine is full of jewels - she sings, she raps, she writes - trilingual-y. Her debut Frenglish EP 'Femme Fatale' featured her breakthrough single 'Glow Up' gaining traction from SBTV, ThisIsRNB, multiple BBC Radio stations, Noctis Magazine, LinkUpTV and praises from various DJs on Twitch. The comedy skit she did with Michael Dapaah where they sing Glow Up together currently sits at 300,000 views. We sat down with Eve-Yasmine to find out if she had any special talents aside from singing.

NEO: ​How long have you been making music?

EVE-YASMINE: I started in 2012, I had met a music producer and prior to that I was singing, I was in CK gospel choir and for fun i would write lyrics all the time. Sen.tris was the producer and he had a home set-up and we started writing and recording songs. That moment really changed the path i was going down and contributed to who i am today as an artist

NEO: What is your creative process like when it comes to music?

EVE-YASMINE: It varies a lot. I found during lockdown I was exploring more sounds and styles and trying a lot of new things. I really try to take away the element of fear. I feel like it can block us from growing as human beings even when i was feeling like i'm not in a certain place or feel a certain way I would still push through and make it happen. I also look at other people who have really mastered their craft and go back and ask myself how do I hone my craft and perfect my craft in the way they did that reflects who I am as an artist and how I want to present myself. That's what my creative process has been like during lockdown. I usually start the process with a concept and writing things down and creating a moodboard. I really do believe in the power of writing things down..

NEO: What other music genre would you like to explore

EVE-YASMINE: There are a couple of genres I have jumped on but the music has not been released yet. There is a friend of mine who makes Afrobeats and he wanted me to sing in french. It gave me a little taste of a whole new world! He showed me different artists and we really played around with my voice and tones and what I was able to do with it. I really loved it! I would love to do a collaboration with a Morrocan rapper.

NEO: What was the reason behind the title of your last release?

EVE-YASMINE: ‘The Healer’. I think as women we are known for our natural healing powers. We tend to feel alot (not to say men don’t) . I feel like healing is a thing, people can be really drawn to healer and tend to take some of their energy to either calm themselves or be in a better space by just venting to a healer. Being a woman who attracts men who have not healed yet, that was the concept of the song. I really wanted to explore that topic and what it meant to me

NEO: Do you have any special talents aside from singing?

EVE-YASMINE: When my siblings were really young they used to be obsessed with Alvin and the Chipmunks and I used to do impersonations of the characters really well. I used to talk and sing in that voice to them.

NEO: What is something you used to believe in that you do not believe in any more?

EVE-YASMINE: I think confidence can be misinterpreted sometimes and also it's a bad thing to celebrate your wins. I think these things are positives and not sometimes seen as negatives.

NEO: What are your thoughts on the UK R&B scene right now for upcoming artists such as yourself?

EVE-YASMINE: I think it's flourishing and I am really happy to see more platforms like Neo Music giving artists a chance to be seen and heard. I feel things are changing and I feel like the UK audience are being more open-minded to what they are consuming. I think it is going to take some time but I am seeing more changes and more support for R&B artists.

NEO: What would you like to achieve before your next birthday?

EVE-YASMINE: I have a few things on my vision board but here are my top 2. The first is to record and release an album and the second is to perform at COLORS studio.

NEO: If you could star in a TV show, what would it be and why?

EVE-YASMINE: The first thing that has come to my head is Tracy Beaker. To have some sort of cameo on The Dumping Ground or a reboot of Tracy Beaker would completely make me as it is a childhood favourite

NEO: Do you have any up and coming projects you are working on?

EVE-YASMINE: So I have a few songs that I am releasing as singles before my album one of them being ‘Lucky Dips’. I have another song called ‘Fruta’ where you will hear sing in english and spanish it is a lot more energetic and fun and upbeat. It really got me trying something fresh and new.

NEO: Let us know where to find you on social media

EVE-YASMINE: @eveyasmine