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"I love mean girls i’m not gonna lie"

1. Where did your artist name come from?

Hey, I’m the Don Juan, neoSON Fascinó

2. How long have you been making music?

“I’m born and raised out of Lawton, Oklahoma originally but i’ve been in Texas since about 2014, Houston and Fort Worth. Realistically I’ve been making music since about 2011 but it’s always been something i wanted to do since i was 6. At that time i was more or less writing poems instead of songs.”

3. What was the inspiration behind your recent release?

“Heartbreak, all of my music derives from my real life experiences everything is based on a true story so yeah, oh and NeoSoul R&B was my biggest inspiration i kinda make r&b raps without the singing.”

4. What is your biggest motivation?

“My biggest motivation is going down as a Top 5 rapper of all time and making my inner child happy by accomplishing that.”

5. What is the biggest misconception people have about you?

“Probably that i’m easy to manipulate because i have a baby face so people kind of feel like i’m easy to take advantage of. Which is funny because the whole time i’m the reason they going through self growth phases and posting about hating men.”

6. What is your guilty pleasure?

“My guilty pleasure? probably watching Rom Coms from the early 2000s. I love mean girls i’m not gonna lie , i don’t know if that’s considered a rom com though.”

7. What is your creative process like?

“It’s usually just me listening to a bunch of instrumentals and finding which ones speak to me at that time. As far as writing goes i never know what the song is about until like the 2nd verse, i just flow.”

8. If you had a super power what would it be and why?

“Mind control , Professor X be balling out with that shit. If not mind control then probably teleportation because i’m too lazy to just walk anywhere”

9. What is your favourite part about being a musician?

“Having my ideas come to life, and seeing how many people came relate to what i’m going through.”

10. If you could create a fortune cookie to give to yourself when you were 14, what would it say?

“‘Everything is okay, breath and keep going.’14 year old me would loved to hear that.”

Let us know where to find you on social media

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/neosunchild

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/neosunchild/