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"I’d love to make a dark trap mini project"

Honey is 20 yr old r&b singer/songwriter Her vocal style which is buttery smooth and sensual brings something fresh and new to the table. Singing since the age of 4 years old and writing her own records for 3 years now honey has just started. Her debut EP "Dazed" releasing with UK label “ College Music” makes you feel like you're falling through cotton candy clouds. We at Neo Music sat down with Honey to find out a bit more about her music journey.

NEO: ​How long have you been making music?

HONEY: I’ve been making music for the past 3 years and singing since I’m 4 years old! I only started writing my own records while studying at UNI and decided to start taking it seriously after I started learning about producing and recording.

NEO: ​Who inspires you musically?

HONEY: I don’t think there is just one person who inspires me and my music. It’s a collection of people’s sound and lyrics that inspire me. I am quite an indecisive person and so I change a lot and very quickly. At the moment il say

Femme it forward song with ambré ‘’what you deserve’’ is my favourite song at the moment. I love Salaam Remi who has produced songs like ‘’ in my bed’’ by Amy Winehouse and I love frank ocean’s song

‘’ Lost’’

NEO: ​What’s your favourite quote?

HONEY: Hmm I have to say I don’t have one yet. I think I need to leave more life and experience more before I can say which one is my favourite haha

NEO: ​What is the first thing people notice about you?

HONEY:First thing people notice about me if we are talking about physically, I’d maybe say my hair? Its very long and thick haha , and personality wise I think people would be surprised to know I am extremely shy and just over all very closed off in some ways. I keep my circle very very tight.

NEO: ​What emotion do you experience the most?

HONEY: I think maybe worry? I’m somebody who just worries a lot about life. You know I have goals and aspirations and a part of me sometimes worries a lot I may not ever hit them but I truly just try and stay positive and grateful for my life.

NEO: ​If you were not an artist what other career would you have gone into?

HONEY: Cooking! I absolutely love cooking and baking and trying out new recipes haha I’m a huge foodie and just love cooking for my friends and family or a criminal lawyer, I was very close of choosing that career path as I just loved that subject at school which was legal studies.

NEO: ​If you could star in a TV show, what would it be and why?

HONEY: I gotta be real I am not too big on tv shows. I prefer films but maybeeee criminal minds? Haha absolutely love that show.

NEO: ​What other music genre would you like to explore

HONEY: I’d love to make a dark trap mini project! The song ‘’ streets’ by Doja Cat really inspired me a lot, I love the vibes to that song but I think I want to keep working on you know some neo soul/ rnb/funk kind of stuff. I’m very very picky with my songs and all so yeah.

NEO: ​What is one thing that you are deeply proud of in your life?

HONEY: One thing I’m very very proud so far in my life

Is just who I am becoming. I tend to worry a lot and at the end of the day I’m just proud of the young woman I’m becoming. I want to be an example for young women in the industry and just want women to know that who you are is just enough.

NEO: ​Let us know where to find you on social media

HONEY: @honeygirl_music