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Inder Paul Sandhu

"My current frustrations makes me wanna hit fast forward and my past regrets make me wanna hit rewind."

Inder Paul Sandhu is an Independently and creatively on the edge of parable-tic lyrics, from charming rap flows to smooth soulful rock. From his break-through BBC track of the week and month! award-winning rap single “Money Ain’t A Thing” to his sophomore soulful project “Bloom", from which DJ Sharad picked up the monster single “Compromise” for the Pharrell Williams & Adidas Holi mixtape. To his latest project ‘The Colindale Tape’ receiving BBC track of the month for the second time and making Tom Robinsons Fresh on the net list as well as the BBC 6 intro mixtape, his talent is undeniable. We had a chat with Inder Paul Sandhu to talk more about his journey as an artist and what other genres he sees himself exploring

NEO: What was the reason behind the title of your last release?

INDER PAUL SANDHU: I wish I could tell you guys some deep profound story but the truth is I hated the commute to Colindale from my house in Essex, it was LONG but I’d do it religiously to get this tape done because that’s where it was born and one day a freind asked me where I was off to and I told her ‘to piece up this flipping Colindale tape’ it had a ring to it so it stuck.

NEO: Out of all the songs you have released which is your favourite? And why?

INDER PAUL SANDHU: ​Track 3 Cold from The Colindale Tape. It was the easiest to write but the hardest to put out there. I don’t really show my scars to anyone unless they reveal themselves which is something I’m working on…when I was in the booth I imagined I was singing to my parents, sister, friends and loved ones.

NEO: If you could pick any three artists to collaborate with (dead or alive) who would it be?

INDER PAUL SANDHU:Lauryn Hill, she’s one of the greatest lyricists our generation has ever seen. Her song ‘Adam lives In Theory’ and ‘Social Drugs’ is amazingly brilliant, high levels of both IQ and EQ.

Ray Charles, the mans a flipping genius. He did a lot with little and that’s flipping art within art.

Jimi Hendrix, dude was kool man.

NEO: ​What other music genre would you like to explore?

INDER PAUL SANDHU: ​Perhaps it’s cliché but everything, my discography is full of so many different flavors and I believe it’s because my talent is God given…it would be wrong to confine it to one sound. I grew up in a musically diverse house as well so that probably played a part too. With the above being said though Soul, Rock and Old School Hip Hop have always been very kind to me.

NEO: Do you have any upcoming projects in the works?

INDER PAUL SANDHU:I’m currently working on a new tape called ‘The Renaissance Tape’ it’s gonna be wild. Think Fleetwood Mac, Jimi Hendrix, Ray Charles and Oasis all on the same tape. I’m also working on some singles through some other projects so I’m not sure which one will reach ears first but nonetheless new music is imminent.

NEO: What is the biggest misconception people have about you?

INDER PAUL SANDHU:I dunno to be honest with you, thats something ‘the people’ would have to say. I feel if I were to try and answer this I would end up saying what I think they think and that’s a rabbit hole God purged me out of.

NEO: If you had a super power what would it be and why?

INDER PAUL SANDHU:To fly! To flipping fly! Just imagine how free you would feel. I wouldn’t even go too high just high enough to get to my destination obstacle free and that’s important to me in every sense.

NEO: Give us 3 things on your bucket list?

INDER PAUL SANDHU:Take my mom to see the town she grew up in back home.

Impact the regulations of children in care, a lot of money hungry professionals in that industry and it sickens me. I dunno how this would look like entirely but it’s on the list.

Buy my niece and nephew their first car.

NEO: If you had a controller that had the power to rewind or fast forward which one would you press and why?

INDER PAUL SANDHU:My current frustrations makes me wanna hit fast forward and my past regrets make me wanna hit rewind. I’d probably choose more time than less though, it sits better with me or maybe I would go to a time where I didn’t exist in which case I would still go back.

NEO: What food do you dislike the most and why?

INDER PAUL SANDHU:The majority of seafood. The texture, the smell and all that yeah not for me. Mid 20’s my body just said no more man, we’re done here.

NEO: ​Let us know where to find you on social media

INDER PAUL SANDHU:​@inderpaul_sandhu