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Jayd'n Dominique

"I aim to make music that you can vibe and have a drink to. Music that leaves you feeling good, music that helps you heal"

To start the New Year right we caught up with Jayd’n Dominique who is a Singer/songwriter and producer from North London. The beginning of Jayd’n’s Journey started when he was young, growing up listening to music from the Motown era and watching the unforgettable Michael Jackson performance on Motown 25. Jayd’n has recently released his EP ‘The Break Up’ - independently and we sat down and had a chat with him about all things music and what type of snack he would be

NEO:Where did your artist name come from?

JAYD’N DOMINIQUE: My government name is Jayd’n and it means ‘Jehovah has heard’ and my surname is Dominique but that is not my given surname, I have actually adopted that from my mum and it means ‘Of the lord’. I wanted the two names to be in the same context because I am religious and I definitely believe in God and I wanted an artist name that has power behind it as resonates with positivity. I am all about positivity.

NEO: How would you describe your music journey?

JAYD’N DOMINIQUE: For me the story is never ending. I only sing about things I have been through personally, especially in the last couple of months. My work has been more vulnerable and honest. With the project I just dropped, which is my EP called ‘The Break Up’, it was more of an opportunity for people to relate to my music. We have all been in relationships that did not work out and I really wanted listeners to understand and relate to something that people do not always feel open to speak about, as the subject can be quite traumatic and hurtful. I always like to look at my music as a source of healing for other people taking in my words. If you are feeling some type of way play ‘Bad Habit’ or if you are in your feels listen to ‘Cigarette’ I aim to make music that you can vibe and have a drink to. Music that leaves you feeling good, music that helps you heal.

NEO:Should we be expecting new music anytime soon?

JAYD’N DOMINIQUE: Always! I am never stopping. My team and I are currently working on something that is coming to fruition and its exciting as we have stepped over our barriers that we set for ourselves last year with this project that is coming up. We had to sit back and look at ourselves and say ‘Wow, this is something special’ we definitely have something great coming.

NEO: Out of all the songs you have released which is your favourite? And why?

JAYD’N DOMINIQUE: This is a big question but I am going to have to say ‘Bad Habit’.

‘Bad Habit’ is one of the songs from the new EP “The Break Up’, it was one of the first songs I recorded for the EP and it definitely paved the way for the other songs to be made. The response I have gotten from this song has been incredible. The amount of people that have messaged me saying ‘Thank you for this song because it has helped me during various instances’. The more I think about it the more it feels crazy because for me this song was powerful and personal but to have other feel the same things as me is incredible. I make music to express what I am going through which often resonates with others. I was going through something at the time of creating ‘Bad Habit’ and I needed to heal, I believe in Music therapy and it helped me sing my truth. The songs came out really good and I decided that it should be an EP.

NEO:If you could pick any three artists to collaborate with within the UK R&B/Neo-soul/Jazz scene who would it be and why?

JAYD’N DOMINIQUE: It is definitely going to have to be Ella Mai, Haile (Wstrn) and Jorja Smith, for me those three artists stand out to me the most and their voices are incredible, especially with Haile. I feel like he is so underrated his voice is so special you really have to deep his talent. The way they carry themselves what they sing about the vibe of the songs that they release is crazy I would definitely love to collaborate with any one of them

NEO:What three words would your friends use to describe you?

JAYD’N DOMINIQUE: ‘A Crazy Creative’- that is definitely me. Whenever I bring something to them they are like, ‘Bro, you are crazy’, but my craziness always works out for the best.

NEO: If you could star in a TV show, what would it be and why?

JAYD’N DOMINIQUE: I would definitely stare in ‘Empire’. I am not going to lie I'm trying to wife Taraji P Henson.

NEO: If there was a zombie apocalypse tomorrow, what is the first thing you would do?

JAYD’N DOMINIQUE: I would make sure my kids, mother and sister are safe but being that I am a crazy creative I would also have to go outside and put some speakers on and do the dance from Thriller with the zombies, you have to do that otherwise you are just not normal. I actually know the Thriller dance being a massive MJ fan.

NEO: If you were a snack what would you be and why?

JAYD’N DOMINIQUE: Haha! I think I would be a KitKat, the reason why I would be a KitKat is because I am definitely many peoples escape when they need a break and people always ask me for advice about various things and I'm always there for my people. Whenever they need to rant or chat I'm always here two ears open.

NEO: What’s your favourite quote?

JAYD’N DOMINIQUE: I actually came across this saying a couple of months ago and it has been living in my head rent free ‘Do you remember the guy who gave up? Exactly no one does’ for me it's the perfect saying that makes me keep pushing. I always go back to that quote remember it, and say to myself ‘I am not giving up’ Rome was not built in one day so we have to keep on going!

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