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Kadeem Tyrell

"I love hearing people sing the songs back, vibe out to it "

British R&B/Soul singer, Kadeem Tyrell, has been making waves in the UK music scene. Born and raised in Battersea, his sound is described as a soothing alternative soul and effortless R&B. Heavily influenced by some major 90’s artists A Tribe Called Quest, Aaliyah and Brandy. NEOmusic​ did our very first interview with the amazing soul singer so you could get to know a bit more about who Kadeem Tyrell is and what kind of dessert he would like to be.

NEO: How long have you been making music?

KADEEM TYRELL: I’ve actually been making music for 5 years now. I first started with a UK Garage sound and then took some time out to find my own sound, practice how to record at home after creating my own home studio and then 2017 I established my own sound of R&B.

NEO: What was the reason behind the title of your last release?

KADEEM TYRELL: So if speaking on my latest track, the name of “Talk To Me” was inspired by words that were just floating in my head. I then made it the chorus and we had a song.

The name of elements, which my last project was actually named by my best friend, I explained that the project shows different parts of me and where I was at musically and “elements” fit so perfectly.

NEO:What do you enjoy most about being a musician?

KADEEM TYRELL:I would say once I get into the rhythm of creating the music, I do enjoy that part however, once everything is complete and I’m ready and able to do sing it live around London is the most exciting part for me. I love hearing people sing the songs back, vibe out to it and also establish new members of the KT Family, people who have just been introduced to my music. The best feeling!

NEO: What is your biggest motivation?

KADEEM TYRELL: My biggest motivation isn’t the goals that I have set for myself. I think of where I could be if I continue to be consistent and put the hard work in and the excitement of that is what keeps me motivated. It’s all possible!

NEO:What is life like for Kadeem Tyrell outside of music?

KADEEM TYRELL: So outside of music I like to learn new skills, I’m a family man so love to be around my family, spend time with cousins etc as well as my friends. Cook, go to work to make money to feed my music haha and most of all chill.

NEO: If you were a dessert what would you be and why?

KADEEM TYRELL: I would be a Mr Kipling Apple Pie with Ben and Jerries Cookie Dough because it’s one of the most eaten things by me, weekly hahaha

NEO:You are in a small party with people you do not know. What would be your party trick you would bring out to lighten the mood?

KADEEM TYRELL:Ooo tough question. I usually just speak to people and somehow the mood is lightened hahahaha. It would most likely be me saying let’s play a game, an ice breaker.

NEO: What are your biggest pet peeves?

KADEEM TYRELL:There are honestly too many to think of. For some reason I don’t like the sound of whispering. I don’t like people hitting me while they speak lol, Getting tapped continuously on my shoulder when I’m right beside you, just to make a few Lol

NEO: What is your favourite series of all time?

KADEEM TYRELL: Yoooo there is toooo many, but if I had to pick some that I could watch over and over again as it stands right now. It would be ‘The Haunting on Hill House’ , ‘Locke and Key’ , ‘I May Destroy You’ ‘Breaking Bad’... i can’t pick one lol

NEO: Should we be expecting new music anytime soon?

KADEEM TYRELL:New music will be out for you all to hear and hopefully enjoy! Very very soon

NEO: Let us know where to find you, on your social media.

KADEEM TYRELL:My socials are@KadeemTyrell on Instagram and Twitter andKADEEM TYRELLOn Facebook