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Mya Craig

"Never Give Up. I have it tattooed on me in Arabic as well. I really feel like sometimes in life you need that reminder"​

This week on Get To Know we sat down with Mya Craig who is a 20-year-old singer/songwriter from Leeds. Mya has been writing her own songs from the age of 14. Her single ‘4AM’ caught the attention of Dreamville's leading lady Ari Lennox. We had to find out what projects Mya is currently working on and if she could star in a TV show what would it be and why

NEO: How would you describe your music Journey?

MYA CRAIG: It's been difficult but rewarding to know that i'm part of a movement of artists pushing a genre that has been under-appreciated for a long time. In the music industry it is very easy for artists to get pushed into what is popular to get heard quickly and that is why i say part of it has been difficult but the rewarding side of things is knowing that there is longevity and the things that i have achieved makes it all worthwhile. It is really difficult in the UK especially Leeds which is still upcoming and the R&B scene is still quite small.

NEO: Who inspires you musically?

MYA CRAIG:Jhene Aiko in modern day she is just my go to, I listen to Jhene’s album at least three times a week. Destiny’s Child, Luther Vandross and Aaliyah are all massive inspirations also. When it comes to Aaliyah it is more than her music, it is her style, her sense of fashion. She is just an icon all round.

NEO: Do you have any up and coming projects you are working on?

MYA CRAIG:I am actually working on a project at the minute. I'm trying to keep consistent with my releases. I do not want to just release singles, I want to release full bodies of work. I want every project to be better than the last. This time around i'm really focusing on the instrumentation and implementing it in my music with

NEO: If you could pick any three artists to collaborate with (dead or alive) who would it be?

MYA CRAIG:Luther vandross and i would love to do a track with Jhene Aiko just because she is my favourite and Bryson Tiller

NEO: Out of all the songs you have released which is your favourite? and why?

MYA CRAIG:This is really difficult because all of my songs are my babies and I have different reasons for loving each of them. I would say ‘Mine’ it really helped me a lot in a period of my life that was difficult and I was really going through it. The song was like therapy for me. It took me two years to release it actually just because of how personal it was to me. After that it would definitely be ‘Tell Me’.

NEO: What was your parents reaction to you becoming a singer?

MYA CRAIG:My mum actually got me into performing arts. She wanted me to go down the dance route but I gravitated towards singing. She was surprised though because it has been something I have been doing from a very young age. Both of my parents were supportive of my decision to become a singer when I come to think of it.

NEO: What other music genre would you like to explore?

MYA CRAIG:Funnily enough the other day in the studio i worked on some RnDrill, that was really different for me. I would like to do a bit more of that. Another genre I would love to explore is Jazz. I just feel Jazz is so beautiful.

NEO: What's your favourite quote?

MYA CRAIG:‘Never Give Up’. I have it tattooed on me in Arabic as well. I really feel like sometimes in life you need that reminder.

NEO: Give us three things on your bucket list?

MYA CRAIG:That is a good question! I definitely want to skydive, that should be on everyone's bucket list. This is more of my dream but it can definitely go on my bucket list too, i want to sell out a stadium not an arena but a huge stadium! And i really want to go to Bora Bora at some point in my life

NEO: If you could star in a TV show, what would it be and why?

MYA CRAIG:Rick and Morty! I know i couldn't physically be there but i want my voice or a cartoon version of me to be in an episode, that would be so cool.

NEO: What are your passions outside of music?

MYA CRAIG:I have recently started a spiritual journey. I am trying to connect with me. I'm trying to understand and connect with my mind, body and soul and just spending time with me and my baby. I also really enjoy reading.

NEO: Lets us know know your socials

MYA CRAIG:@myacraigg