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" I think I’ve convinced myself I can survive and battle zombies ahaha. I know I’d probably last a second out there though"

Osquello is the pseudonym of singer/songwriter and producer Fabiano Lewis, who is conceived by the jazz of Roy Ayers and West’s Graduation album. Osquello is born. The young Jazz Punk, muttering the revolutionary poetry of B. Zephaniah, pushes musical fusion to territories unbound we caught up with the talented artist to find out If there was a zombie apocalypse tomorrow, what is the first thing he would do

NEO:Where did your artist name come from?

OSQUELLO:Everytime I tell people this story they think I’m crazy but, I was scrolling through Twitter one day when I found a picture of this beautiful looking man with a very vacant face, I later found out it was Pedro from napoleon dynamite but hadn’t known at the time, and I couldn’t stop looking at this vacant look on his face, I almost gave the same look back at him ahah. After 10 minutes of just looking at this guy's face I looked up and I said “Osquello “ something happened. I'm not sure what hahah but it made things click .

NEO:How would you describe your music journey?

OSQUELLO:My music journey is definitely a road of longevity. I’m glad I didn’t just blow up and the moments where I felt people were catching on too quickly at one moment, I didn’t like it. I feel the need to grow slowly and stronger, so I can learn and take as many experiences before I get to the point of complete creative and financial stability. It’s a journey of Building a community, not to indulge in my ego and that must be remembered always.

NEO:How long have you been making music?

OSQUELLO:I’ve been making music since I was about 13 years old so that’s almost over 8 years.

I started by using my dad's old producer programs and I’d cut up samples and make average boom bap loops. When I got to 16 I got my first Laptop and started making my own songs, lyrics, music and everything. I went to a youth club in old street when I was 14 to 17, that really helped encourage me to record all the time and to invest in my own laptop, the community there was very strong and the musicians I met I still work with a lot to this day.

NEO:What’s life like for you outside of music?

OSQUELLO:It’s hard to say, I feel like music has just become my life now ahaha. When I’m not making music, I’m meeting people to dance or just to vibe to some music while having a smoke and a drink, recently at cable street studios with a great community of musicians. Or I try to build my community and help my younger siblings and yutes with experience they might have not gained. I’m also a real lover boy so when I have the opportunity to be with someone exclusively and romantically, I make the most of it and try to do as much as possible to show my love.

NEO:​If you could pick any three artists to collaborate with (dead or alive) who would it be?

OSQUELLO:It literally changes all the time but right now In this moment I'm thinking I’d have to say; Thundercat, Prince and Erykah Badu.

NEO:When experiencing a creative block, what do you do to combat it?

OSQUELLO: I rest. I can’t force the beautiful ideas I have, but if I’m really in the mood to make music I might take a walk in the forest next door or read some books, listen to some vinyls but I try to just let my mind ease into all creative ideas. I’ve been taking a small break recently as I have other things to do which will then inspire me, eg live shows, band rehearsals, meeting new circles.

NEO:You are left in the world with three songs: what would they be? And why?

OSQUELLO:Safe and sound by MasterSoulBoy, Aquelas coisas todas by Toninho Horta, Jack Allen and James Crawley and Walkin by thundercat. Again I think this would change constantly but right now these songs keep my mind at peace and help me channel my feelings of love and emotion. That's always important to me.

NEO:If there was a zombie apocalypse tomorrow, what is the first thing you would do?

OSQUELLO: Before trying to meet the love of my life and making sure my family is safe, I would stock up on every gun I’ve seen on black ops zombies. I never was into video games but recently I’ve been shooting zombies on my PS3 for the past 2 months non stop and I think I’ve convinced myself I can survive and battle zombies ahaha. I know I’d probably last a second out there though.

NEO:A millionaire decides to fund all your expenses on a one week trip to anywhere, where would you go and what would you do?

OSQUELLO: First of all I’d tell the millionaire to spend his money on people who need it more but if I was the only option I’d go to South America and travel to as many countries as possible. I’m obsessed with Latin American music especially Brazilian and Colombian artists such as agostinho dos Santos, Djavn, Toninho Horta and much more. I’d take time to make music with any local musicians and just let myself be open enough to learn everything there.

NEO:If you could make a difference in the world, what would you be known for?

OSQUELLO:I don’t care about being known for making any difference, in fact if I could make a difference without people knowing I’d probably prefer it so there’s less ego attachment, but if I could it’d probably be the dismantlement of capitalist societies and to destroy The white supremacy that rules our world. There are way too many straight white men with powerful positions in this world and if there were more women and Less white people in charge I can see the world giving more access and stability to the people who need it. The gap between rich and poor is too big and that gap needs to be abolished for good. Independent businesses should thrive and be heavily encouraged to invest in, no more big corporations who exploit.

NEO: ​Let us know where to find you, on your social media.

OSQUELLO:Instagram - @osquello