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"Reading people's minds. I say that now and when i find out their true thoughts i would be very upset."

British-Nigerian emerging artist Percy shares his latest release ‘Love’, a two single project which acts as part of a live cinematic film due to unfold over the next few months. We at Neo Music sat down with him to find out a bit more about the project and his journey so far.

NEO: What was the reason behind the title of your last release?

PERCY: I was getting over a heartbreak and I was talking to people and they were always saying that my songs are always about love. I tend to say things like ‘I'm a lover not a fighter’ because I genuinely am. At the time when i used to talk to people about love they kind of looked at me in a yuck kind of way and were always like that is not the vibe right now, it was almost as if love was a swear word

NEO: Out of all the songs you have released, which is your favourite? And why?

PERCY: My favourite would be ‘Criminal’ . It came out a few months ago. The reason being is because it just bangs. I don't normally say that about my songs like that but this song is incredible. It's a big tune!

NEO: If you could pick any three artists to collaborate with (dead or alive) who would it be?

PERCY: That's such an unfair question! I am going to answer this question based on the day. Rema, Michael Jackson and Rihanna. Michael Jackson on an afrobeats song that would be lit!

NEO: What other music genre would you like to explore?

PERCY: I think i am very competitive with music. I like to release the best music on time. So for me this is hard as life takes you so many different ways and you just never know what direction you will end up. Right now I really like Afro and the potential it has to replace R&B. I remember R&B used to be a singalong set in regards to DJing, everyone used to sing along to R&B and now they are singing along to Afro more. For me its whatever the vibe is i am down.

NEO: What's your musical journey been like so far?

PERCY: I only really just started. It has been a good start every day. There is something new and you want it to stop sometime but you need the ball to keep rolling so it has been a pretty great start so far. I prefer to get real life compliments than seeing the numbers. It always means so much more. This is just the beginning for me and I am really just happy about the start.

NEO: What is the biggest misconception people have about you?

PERCY: I think people get my kindest confused. Sometimes i am seen as too kind or sometimes im seen as not kind whatsoever

NEO: If you had a super power what would it be and why?

PERCY: Reading people's minds. I say that now and when i find out their true thoughts i would be very upset. I think time travel is a good one but it good fuck things up. Wow thinking of a power is hard without thinking of the consequences maybe mind control so i can bring the TV remote closer to me.

NEO: Give us 3 things on your bucket list?

PERCY: I want to creatively direct an olympic opening ceremony. Marriage and having kids. I want to spend a good ten years in music then head to Cornwall and just really spend time with making my family, you know wife and kids type of thing. Maybe not in Cornwall but in the countryside somewhere in the world and I would start writing my TV show. The third one would be to get an oscar, a grammy and a brit all in one year.

NEO: If you had a controller that had the power to rewind or fast forward which one would you press and why?

PERCY: I will rewind. Only to the beginning of this year though. if i had planned my 6 months and stuck to my plan and not let certain thing derail my plan

NEO: ​Let us know where to find you on social media

PERCY: @gqpercy