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Shaé Universe

"Healing people through my artistic expression"

Shaé Universe is a 25 year old Nigerian-born, British singer-songwriter who was consumed by the sounds of gospel and soul in her household before gradually beginning to shape her own unique sultry sound. Shaé has released multiple singles independently, with her highest streaming single ‘No Stallin’ currently at 1.7 million streams. Shaé has also collaborated musically with artists such as Nana Rogues, Boogie, Etta Bond, Kojo Funds, Ms Banks and Kojey Radical.

Shaé most recently released an RnDrill single titled ‘You Lose’ which gained heavy rotation on all major radio stations and was also added to BBC 1Xtra’s homegrown playlist. The song secured over 2000 Spotify playlist positionsNEOhad to catch up with the ever so talented Shaé Universe to find out if a millionaire was funding all her expenses for a one week trip to anywhere in the world, where would she go and what would she do.

NEO:Where did your artist name come from?

SHAÉ UNIVERSE:My birth name is Sharon, so Shaé is a nickname derived from that. The 'Universe' part was suggested by my sister whilst we were brainstorming alternative artist names. She said it and it resonated, so I went with it.

NEO:How long have you been making music?

SHAÉ UNIVERSE: I've been making music since 2015 so 5 years now.

NEO:Who are your top 3 present artists and why?

SHAÉ UNIVERSE:Hmmm, I usually go through phases but I'd say my top 3 artists right now are Alex Isley, DVSN & Masego

NEO:What is your biggest motivation?


NEO:You are in a small party with people you do not know. What would be your party trick you would bring out to lighten the mood?

SHAÉ UNIVERSE:Lmaooo the thought of this situation made me laugh out loud because I'm far too shy for that

NEO:If you could pick any three artists to collaborate with (dead or alive) who would it be?

SHAÉ UNIVERSE: People always ask me this and it's always so hard to answer because there's just too many but I'll say Brandy, Giveon and Ari Lennox

NEO: What was your parents reaction to you becoming a singer?

SHAÉ UNIVERSE:They were actually really pleased because they saw I was committed to it from early and they see it's paving a way for me.

NEO:If you could make a difference in the world, what would you be known for?

SHAÉ UNIVERSE:My existence is already making a difference in the world, however when I'm dead I believe I'll be remembered for being a testament of love and integrity. For healing people through my artistic expression, and for being effortlessly excellent in what I did.

NEO:If a millionaire decided to fund all your expenses on a one week trip to anywhere, where would you go and what would you do?

SHAÉ UNIVERSE:I'm really hoping this question manifests in my real life because I could definitely do with this right now lol. I would go to Jamaica. I would go for loads of drives just taking in the scenery, eat loads of food, go kayaking, swimming, dancing and just explore the culture. I'd probably songwrite whilst there too.

NEO:Give us 3 things on your bucket list?


- A headline world tour

- Start up my own brand/business (not entirely sure what yet)

- Establish affluence

NEO:Let us know where to find you, on your social media.

SHAÉ UNIVERSE: Instagram/ Twitter- @shaesuniverse