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"My artist name is actually my real name"

NEO music caught up with the amazing Taet, who found her own style in the blend of soul and pop; which has since become her signature. “Closure”, her latest single, displays this soothing style. With over a million streams on Spotify and working with talented producers from the likes of Parker and James (Jessie J), to Example and Nana Rogues (Drake) we wanted to find out if Taet is actually her real name and what type of snack she will be if she had to choose.

NEO:Where did your artist name come from?

TAET:My artist name is actually my real name, it’s quite unusual and spelt differently to how it would usually be spelt which is ‘Tate’ but people always tell me they like it and it’s cool so I thought I’d stick with it.

NEO:How would you describe your music journey?

TAET:Love & Hate!! I’ve always wanted to do music, it’s the best job in the world but it comes with some really big obstacles. Sometimes you feel like you take one step forward and 10 back but nothing beats being able to perform to people and making music with amazing people. Nothing worth having comes easy!!

NEO:Who inspires you musically?

TAET:Brandy!!! She is everything! I grew up listening to her and I have always been obsessed with all her harmonies, adlibs, her tone! I’ve seen her live a few times too! I just love herrrr!

NEO:What was the reason behind the title of your last release, ‘Closure’?

TAET: The line ‘Come closer, but I can’t get no Closure’ just summed up how I was feeling when I wrote the song. I was in a very toxic relationship and I feel like a lot of people go through a situation where they know how bad the person is for them but they keep going back for more.

NEO:What is your creative process like?

TAET:With this song I worked with Flo, who I work with a lot and he knows me and what I like, so he started making the beat and automatically me and Tam, who I wrote the song with, started singing the chorus melody. I start singing lyrics that relate to what I’m feeling over the melody’s and then I usually just stick with some of them and change some others. I love the creative process. It's my favourite thing to do! Being in the studio makes me happy!!!

NEO:What three words would your friends use to describe you as?

TAET:Over-emotional, Loving, Weird!

NEO:Do you have any special talents aside from singing?

TAET: I’m the biggest animal lover, I loooove animals and my parents always told me to have a back up so I trained as a dog-groomer whilst still doing music! It’s super random and when I tell people they always look mad confused, but it’s so cool and makes you extremely happy being with dogs all day!

NEO:If you could see anybody live who would it be?

TAET:MJ! I’ve seen a lot of people live, I love concerts and festivals but I think he is the most iconic artist of all time. It would be inspiring to watch him. RIP

NEO:If you were a snack what would you be and why?

TAET:A red Apple because they are sweet and ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ so I’ll keep you away from bad vibes!!

NEO:What do you enjoy most about being a musician?

TAET:I love that some one, somewhere can always relate to what you're saying when you write music and if it helps just one person, that will make me feel happy. A song is a moment for me, every amazing memory I have had I always have a song that takes me back to. That’s one of the best parts of being a musician for me!

NEO:Let us know where to find you, on your social media.

TAET:Instagram and Twitter @iamtaet