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"I'm already on my own planet in my head lol"

Meet Tayah, the Singer/Songwriter, her music style explores R&B, with heavy Hip-hop grooves and a Trapsoul attitude. NEO caught up with the newcomer singer to find out what she is enjoying the most about being a musician and she gave us an exclusive to 3 things on her bucket list.

NEO:Who inspires you musically?

TAYAH:I grew up on and am inspired by a lot of 70's and 80's funk (bands like S.O.S Band) and a lot of Rare Groove.

People like Pharrell, Mary J Blige, Andre 3000, Omar, Slum Village, Sizzla & Floetry have all been of inspiration to me musically.

NEO:What’s life like for you outside of music?

TAYAH:Life outside of music for me is hard to distinguish between but I'm most probably watching Bob's Burgers or kicking ball in the park.

NEO:What do you enjoy most about being a musician?

TAYAH:The freedom to do and say what you want. Helps in everyday life. I enjoy the simple fact of appreciating a finished creation. It's like "wow, you really created that as a representation of your internal being? Mad." As a musician, I have always appreciated and had an ear for how instrumentation makes me feel when I hear it, that's probably the best feeling. Bass is my favourite instrument.

NEO:What other music genre would you like to explore

TAYAH:I would like to explore music for film soundtracks. I think it must be a great process to be involved in. Visually, artistically, everything.

NEO: When experiencing a creative block, what do you do to combat it?

TAYAH:I go for walks/travel somewhere, or link up with my friends.

If it's writer's block, I learnt an exercise where you put your timer on for 1 minute and write whatever words come to your head. It doesn't have to make sense. It's about getting everything out before processing it.

NEO:If you could star in a film, what would it be and why?

TAYAH:Any action film. I love Action/Comedy films. Maybe something like Rush Hour. Probably because It's kinda like a part of my personality; take action and get things done, but don't take yourself too seriously at the same time.

NEO:If you could travel to one of the planets which planet would you go to?

TAYAH:I'm already on my own planet in my head lol. Probably Neptune because it's Blue (my favourite colour). But to be honest, I'd quite like to just float around in space.

NEO:Give us 3 things on your bucket list

TAYAH:-Travelling to countries of all weathers, cultures, animals and time zones.

-Experience a solar eclipse with my own eyes.

-Become fluent in a language.

NEO:If there was a zombie apocalypse tomorrow, what is the first thing you would do?

TAYAH:Pray and make sure my last view is somewhere near the sun or water.

NEO:You are left in the world with three songs: what would they be? And why?

TAYAH:Stone Mecca - Oh (best bassline i've ever experienced)

Starvue - Body Fusion

The Notorious BIG - One More Chance

NEO:Let us know where to find you, on your social media.

TAYAH:You can find me @infinitayah

Twitter: https://twitter.com/infinitayah

Instagram: http://instagram.com/infinitayah

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/infinitayah/

Website: tayahmusic.com