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"I ain’t no magician so let me just stick to what I know"

Rising Singer and songwriter Tsharna independently launched her music career in 2018 releasing her first single ‘Better’. With an exclusive feature on BBC Introducing and this year a Live Acoustic Performance on BBC Three Counties Radio, Tsharna’s music is set to reignite UK R&BNEO caught up with Tsharna to find out what her all time favourite series is even though she picked two it is the two we struggle to decide between ourselves!

NEO:How long have you been making music?

TSHARNA: Pretty much since I was a little girl. I wrote a lot of poetry from about 8 years old. Then, I started getting into songwriting so I used to transform some of my pieces into songs and it really went from there. My first real experience taking music outside of my bedroom however was when I was about 13. Recorded my first ever release (Rock The Party) in a professional recording studio and that was when I realised that I wanted a long-term career in music.

NEO:What’s life like for you outside of music?

TSHARNA:That’s kind of difficult to think of because I do spend a lot of my time creating. I’ve always been a homebody so I value family-time a lot and making time for some really close friends of mine.

NEO:If you could pick any three artists to collaborate with (dead or alive) who would it be?

TSHARNA:I would say Eric Bellinger, Brandy and Wizkid.

NEO: Explain your last single using three words and why?

TSHARNA:Reflective, raw and emotional. I say this about my new single ‘Four Walls’ because I initially was triggered to write something based on what I was feeling during the lockdown and trying to hold on to something with someone that clearly didn’t feel the same and it made me realise I deserved better. The last two words are raw and emotional because it came from a real experience that I was struggling to get out of mentally and emotionally and I knew I wasn’t the only one in the world going through it.

NEO:You are left in the world with three songs: what would they be? And why?

TSHARNA:‘I Have Nothing’ by Whitney Houston because that song is so powerful and it always moves me. Being in the world alone and singing that song would feel quite liberating I think. ‘I Was Here’ by Beyonce because it’s another well written piece with a strong message. Plus, I can scream it to the heavens and nobody would hear me. And, ‘I Desire More’ by Crystal Aikin. Gospel has a special place in my heart that gives me warmth and subtle reminders that i am not alone even when i feel like it sometimes.

NEO:What other music genre would you like to explore?

TSHARNA:So I think I’d like to explore folk music a bit more. I appreciated the genre more after uni and the task was to find and write your own folk song. I really resonated with some songs I found and loved how it made me feel. I’d also like to go back to my roots and do reggae. I write it here and there but one day I would like to release them.

NEO:If you were a starter what would you be and why?

TSHARNA:Probably fried shrimp because it’s light and it tastes good.

NEO:You are in a small party with people you do not know. What would be your party trick you would bring out to lighten the mood?

TSHARNA:A microphone and my vocals lol. I ain’t no magician so let me just stick to what I know.

NEO:What is your favourite series of all time?

TSHARNA:It’s between ‘My Wife and Kids’ and ‘That’s So Raven’.

NEO: What is the most memorable moment in your career so far?

TSHARNA:I have received so much love from the BBC 3CR team as they have featured a lot of my previous singles on the radio alongside a 30 min live performance slot on the Jaguar and Danny show this year as their chosen BBC Introducing artist. Was so overjoyed to have gotten that opportunity for sure.

NEO:Let us know how to find you on social media

TSHARNA:IG - https://www.instagram.com/tsharnaofficial/

Twitter- https://twitter.com/TsharnaOfficial

FB - https://www.facebook.com/Tsharna/

Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/user/WatchTee33

My website - https://www.tsharna.com/