Joya Mooi - Roselle

Dutch-South African modern R&B artist Joya Mooi is back with a fresh new single ‘Roselle’, which coincides with the announcement of her fourth studio album.

This single pays homage to the roselle hibiscus flower which grows in parts of Africa, Asia, India, Australia and Latin America. The single 'Roselle' brings together a beautiful mesh of vocals from Joya Mooi that is delicately accentuated by the instrumental selection.

Speaking of ‘Roselle’ Joya Mooi explains - "Roselle is inspired by the roselle hibiscus flower - a celebration of cross-continental traditions, despite their painful origin. One plant (amongst many others) is part of the botanical legacy that connects the African Diaspora with the transatlantic slave trade. I think there’s something magical and interesting about these traditions that exist over 400 years, stemming from a horrendous past.”

It truly is like a heavenly slice of modern R&B. Be sure to stream Joya Mooi's single 'Roselle' which is available now on all platforms and while you are here check out the video down below!

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