SAHRA - Stolen moments

With ‘Stolen Moments’ Berlin-born songstress Sahra creates a work of art that is easy to appreciate and beautifully captures the complex feelings that Sahra experienced over the last few years dealing with the pandemic and personal problems.

The EP is deeply intimate in a way that leaves Sahra utterly transparent, even though at times she remains coy on certain topics she still has the incredible ability to make us feel what she is feeling. The sounds of smooth neo-soul, Jazz and R&B seep into the essence of Sahra’s vocals and the very production of the tracks.

Me & You opens up the project with a floaty production that allows the artist’s sweet and affectionate side to shine through. The song emits a summer vibe about seeking refuge with your love and ignoring outside influences. Bawo’s blend of smooth rap and melody adds to the texture of the song as they go through their

playful back and forth.

In ‘Try so hard’ Sahra, backed with sober piano chords, drums and a saxophone that provides a jazzy feel to the beat, comes to the conclusion that her relationship needs to come to an end. Not going into detail, her soulful voice is evasive to the reason why but hints at dishonestly. Continuously she asks why is love and maintaining it so hard.

‘Sorry’ is one of the tracks that was released in anticipation to the project dropping. The song feels like a continuation to ‘Try so hard’. It provides closure and evidence that in the time between the incident to now Sahra has grown. We still hear the heartbreak but feel the self-worth as her airy voice maintains the smooth silky quality oozing a seductiveness that is a constant presence.

Shifting further inwards we get ‘crowds’, which was written towards the end of lockdown. The social anxiety and reluctance to forgo the silence in favour of reconnecting with the world is explored in the lyrics. But we also learn that the introvert is finding comfort in her own skin and ignoring the ‘clowns’.

The project closes with ‘Come with me’ another single that was released before the EP. The electric guitar undercut is paired nicely with Sahra’s sensuous and siren like voice that takes on a haunting nature that leaves chills down your spine as she measures the weight of weight of love through a mature gaze.

Released via Rudimental’s imprint, Major Toms, the title of the project is inspired by Oliver Nelson’s Jazz standard, in particular, a version by Carmen McRae and Betty Carter with a lyric that states “How I miss all those stolen little moments the many times I’m not with you, they are such precious stolen moments that are meant only for us two”.

And now with her second EP released and live performances booked, we have all the chances in the world to enjoy her artistic and personal growth that has given her a new found confidence to express herself unblinkingly.

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